"Pinch the tail and suck the head" or "Suck the head and pinch the tail"
Tasting something like a cross between shrimp and lobster, crawfish show up in dishes as varied as pasta, cornbread, beignets, and etouffee (a stew served over rice).
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We deliver fresh live, cooked, or catered crawfish to Memphis and North Mississippi. And it's at the best price around.
We do fish fries too!

Contact us at:
Billy's Crawfish
  (901) 832-0445


Crawfish live, cooked or catered also barbeque and Shrimp and Oysters are available

We can deliver in Memphis and North Mississippi within a 30 mile radius (small delivery fee of $.75 per lb, no less then sack quantity).

We mean to please all and have the best price around.

We cater & do fish fries and BBQ.

We do all parties! And karaoke is available too.

All we need to know is how do you like your tail... hot or not!
free delivery of crawfish and shrimp seafood
cooked crawfish
live or cooked and catered
catered parties at best prices and karaoke
Call (901) 832-0445
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Located in Memphis and Hernando
Call Billy at (901) 832-0445
And visit us at 1325 Church Road West
Every week
from 9 AM until dusk on
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Location Map
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